Saturday, January 3, 2009

Plugging away......

~the reason for my make-up obsession...Granny Allgood...she is in the center with her arm on my sister. From left to right...My mom, me, my Dad, Granny, Angela, cousin Mark, my Granny's husband at the time..Jay, Uncle Ricky, and Aunt Judy.--Look at Granny's eye shadow..that was her trademark...frosted blue eye shadow. ~

~she is wearing all MK products...this is my favorite look~

~the skin care line~
~the "can't live without" mineral foundation~

As most of you already know, i am a girl who loves makeup. Not just make-up, but skincare, hair care, just about anything that involves girly girlness. I have always been fascinated with transformation, make-overs, do-overs, whatever you want to call it. Some of you reading this have probably been a participant (willing or maybe even unwilling) in my madness. I have given countless make-overs and unsolicited make-up and hair color advice to my friends, and they somehow still love me. Perhaps, it is because my grandmother Allgood let us play with her enormous Max Factor and Cover Girl collection when we went to stay at her house. She would always let my sister and I take home one product when leaving her house. We were thrilled!! So, undoubtedly, I give all of the credit for my make-up obsession to my precious Granny Allgood.

With all of this said, I just wanted to put it out there that I have become an active Mary Kay consultant again. I hung up my Mary Kay bag about 5 years ago when I became pregnant with Presley. I just didn't have the time to continue to place and receive orders.

Recently, I attended a Mary Kay show at my neighbor's home. As I browsed through the plethora of make-up displayed so perfectly on the table, the aroma completely drew me in. I wanted to grab every piece of make-up and play with it! The very next day, I researched getting started again with selling. It was a no-brainer, really. I paid $20.00 to re-activate my status..and TAH I go.

Shamelessly using my blog as an advertising tool, please let me know if you or any friends or family members that you know may want to see a catalog. There are a few items that I now cannot live without and I will share them with you.....

-tinted moisturizer (oh my gosh...where have you been all of my life??) it also has spf of 20, so it is also good for sun protection. I use Ivory 1.

-mineral foundation...this goes over the tinted moisturizer for the perfect flawless finish..if you haven't tried mineral foundation's time. mark my will never go back to a liquid.

-any of their lip faves are cream and sugar, starry, and pink diamonds

-their eye shadows are equally as good as Mac...and that is not easy for me to say.

-and a MUST have for erasing fine lines..the TimeWise microdermabrasion's the best...and you will see immediate results.

Okay, so there's my plug. :)

Oh, and I have a very good friend who sells Mary Kay as well, Mary. She inspired me to sell my first go around. She is a loyal MK consultant and still active. :)

Check out Mary Kay's website to see their full line of products.

mad about make-up,



Rebekah Hudgins said...

Well Jill! This is really exciting! I know you will enjoy great success. I hope you have a lot of fun! You are definitely a girl who knows beauty! (inside and out)

I was glad to learn that you add the mineral foundation, post moisturizer. I have that foundation and tried that this morning and it worked like a dream. Very natural looking.

Happy day and well wishes (and big hugs, too!)


Mary said...

You're so cute with all of your tips and I believe your good advice is ALWAYS requested and very much wanted!
That's why we all flock to you for help! :)
I love it that you found your way back - I kinda mourned you hanging up your satchel way back when...knowing that if I could do it, anyone could. ;)
Keep plugging, Love -
you were made for this!!!!!

The Parkers said...

I'm so glad you're doing this Jill! I need new products, and I trust you more than anyone with my hair and face!!

Tracey said...

Yeah for Jill!!!! (toe touch) I'm so glad your back to doing what makes you happy... make-up!!!!
So excited for you!