Saturday, January 10, 2009


~Darren and Tracey~
~St. Simon's with the Greene's~

~Tracey and Darren~

One of my very best friends lost her father this Christmas. Well, actually right before Christmas. I well remember this past summer at St. Simon's with the Greene family, sitting on the back bedroom bed talking to Tracey about her father. He was sick, very sick. My heart was aching for her. I tried to give words of wisdom and advice, but had none to give. I couldn't even pretend to understand what she must have been going through. The only thing i knew was that she and her father needed prayer.

I had only met Mr. Newton a few times over the years. He was a very kind man with a sweet smile. One thing is for sure he will be missed by a family that loved him dearly.

I am grateful for the times that I did get to see Mr. Newton....he will always be treasured by the Hill family because...

~He is Tracey Newton Greene's Daddy

~He is Riley and Reagan's granddaddy

~He is Lem's best friend's father-in-law

~He loved Tracey and her family with all of his heart

In sweet remembrance of a great daddy, granddaddy, father-in-law, uncle, brother and friend.

all of our love,

Jill & Lem

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Tracey said...

This made me cry.... I feel like all I've done is cry since that night in the back bedroom in St. Simmons. Thank you for your friendship and this post. I love you!