Monday, June 16, 2008

My two Dads.....

Lem, Joseph and Presley after church on Father's Day

A rare picture with ME in it! Lem said one picture and one picture only, because he was hot and wanted to go inside and take his church clothes off. So this is as good as it gets with only one shot at a decent picture!! Daddy and his girls!! (I think he is hoarding the cake from us!!)

My Daddy..... We celebrated Father's Day at our house yesterday with the whole family. My sister and her family and mom and dad. Dad wore one of his favorite shirts as you can see in the picture. Actually anything with a Harley on it is his favorite. ;)

Hamburgers, hotdogs, cole slaw, beans and a coconut cake were enjoyed by all! We had a great time as always!

Special thank you to my daddy for being someone that i would want my son to emulate. His wisdom, knowledge (of everything!), honesty, and character are just a few of the things that describe my dad. My children just love him to pieces and my dad's face just lights up when he sees his grandchildren. Dad is the ultimate "PawPaw". I am so blessed to have him as my daddy. He can fix anything! In fact, Lee, my brother in law said yesterday...that the one thing he has learned from my dad throughout the years is.."anything can be fixed!" And boy, is that true with my dad! I haven't come across a thing that he cannot fix! He is the original Mr. fix it! Unfortunately, I married just the opposite. Lem has many great talents, but fixing things is NOT one of them. He would just assume call my dad or just get a new one. ;) That's my darlin!

Also, special thanks to Lem for being such a great Daddy to our children. I never dreamed when I married Lem that he would be the kind of man he is with his kids. I honestly never thought of what kind of dad he would make. I was so focused on every other cool thing about him, his parenting skills never crossed my mind. But as soon as Joseph was born, Lem took over with the parenting. He amazed me and my family with how natural it came to him. He took it all in stride, as I was crying my eyes out in a pillow wondering what to do next!! He made it look so easy. He has never complained about watching the kids if i want to go on a girls trip, or if I just need a day out to catch my breath! I never in a million years could have pictured a better father for my children than Lem. God really knew what I needed those 12 years ago when we met! God had it all aligned with his plan for my life, and how grateful I am for that.

Happy Father's Day!!!


Tracey said...

Joseph has two awesome role models to look up to. You are very lucky to have two great men in your life.

erin said...

AWWW... I love your guys too..especially my second dad (he sure did treat me like one of his own growing up) and Lem is great...Lucky girl