Thursday, June 12, 2008

Five Random Things about me...

My friend Mary tagged me with this blog entry. So....with much anticipation and thought provoking inner- self research (not really) this is what i came up with.....

Five Random things about me....

Number one... I have a very strange and frustrating fear.......which is kind of embarrasing to share, but here goes....i cannot swallow pills of any kind. Well, let me interject, the very small round advil i can handle, but any bigger than that and I will crush them up in a pill crusher. You know those things that they sell in the geriatric isle at walgreens??..well, nevermind, you probably don't know. Such a silly thing, but I am scared they will get stuck in my little throat and i will die and that would be the end of me. Go ahead and have a big laugh on that one. You have my permission.

There has to be a name for this phobia, but i have yet to find it. I think i will call it jillsafreakphobia. =)

Number two.....every night before i go to bed i have to have the coffee ready to go, with the cup, creamer, spoon and napkin all neatly laid out beside the coffee maker. Also, my cereal bowl with the spoon on a napkin and ready to go, as well as the kids bowls on the counter with the spoons on a napkin. I am OCD about this one! I cannot rest my head until it is all done. My husband, on rare occassion , when he is feeling frisky...will do this for me, because he knows it has to be done.

Okay, I am starting to scare even myself with the craziness. Yikes.

Number three...I have recently become an Arbonne consultant! Kind of an undercover one at this point, because i do not have much free time to give it a good go, but i absolutely LOVE their products. Which, of course, is the reason i wanted to become a consultant. I needed the discount to be able to get all of the products that i wanted!! Their products are ALL botanically based, with all natural plant derived ingredients, which was a HUGE draw for me. After 3 months on the skincare line, my skin has never been better! Arbonne is all about beauty from the inside out, so they have a whole line of health care products as well, such as vitamins, protein shakes, weight control products, detoxification products, suncare, etc.... which of course are also all natural. The coolest product that I must have every night before i go to bed is for my feet. It is a body serum and body lotion which keeps my otherwise flaky and yucky feet smooth as a babies behind!! I have tried everything for these feet of mine, and this is the ONLY thing that has worked. No more sticking to the carpet when i walk!!! (Got Lem hooked too!)

Number four..... My new favorite vacation spot is Disney World!!! I feel 5 years old every time we visit, and each visit is better than the last! Just wish it wasn't so far and that is wasn't so expensive!!

Number five....I really wish that more of my friends and family members were bloggers!!! ;) It would make this a lot more fun!! The two or so people that read my blog and that have their own blogs, I am so grateful for!!

I am tagging Mandy on this one! Are you up for the challenge??!! :)

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Danielle said...

Jill - can I come to your house for breakfast? Love it!