Friday, June 6, 2008

Orlando.... without the parks!

Joseph and Royce taking a breather from the pool
Presley having some fun!
Here is a picture of the pool area
Joseph, Presley, Anna-Joy and Royce having some fun in the sun!!
The pool overlooked this beautiful lake

Well, we didn't think it could be done. But sure enough we did it!! We went to Orlando for a whole week without visiting ONE theme park! Since we had just visited Orlando in October and saw EVERYTHING, we decided to make this trip a little more relaxed and a little less expensive. My mom got a beautiful condo at The Marriot Cypress Harbour Club in Orlando. The place was extremely self-sufficient and there was really no need to go off the premises if you didn't feel the need. They had 2 HUGE pools and baby pools, waterfalls, a golfcourse, tennis courts, grocery store on premise, a starbucks, pizza hut, krispy kreme....and so on and so on. Ofcourse we stayed at the pool most of our visit.

Along with me and my children, my mom and sister and her two small children came along for the trip. It was such an enjoyable and even somewhat relaxing trip considering we had 4 children with us!!

My sister was so good with Presley in the pool. Presley had been scared to get in the water, even with her floaties on. However, my sister told me to go where Presley could not see me and she grabbed Presley and took her into the water. She kicked and screamed for about 2 minutes and then before I knew it she had let go of my sister and was swimming around by her lonesome! I was so proud of her, AND my sister! My sister is the best aunt in the whole world. I always tell her she is the fun aunt and I am the strict aunt. My sister loves to play fun games with the kids and she is constantly making them laugh. I love bathing them, cleaning up after them and completely babying them!! She and I make a great team! She is such a great mom and a wonderful role model for me. I don't know what I would do without her. I certainly would not laugh near as hard. She has the ability to make ANYTHING funny....and i do mean ANYTHING! I love her to pieces!!! Everyone loves my sister. Her phone rang off the hook the whole time we were there. She is a best friend to everyone. You can't meet her and not want to be with her 24/7. She really is the best!

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Mary said...

so. . . can angela help audrey?!? she's terrified, petrified and horrified at the thought of putting her head underwater (i thought that came as a teenager because you wanted to avoid the wet dog look).
at five, shouldn't you be trying to hold your breath under water and get your mommy to count to see how long you can do it? where is that kid, can i be her mommy??
anyway, tell angie i need her!!!