Friday, May 2, 2008

Presley and I have a picnic almost every single day! It is one of our favorite things to do together. Here she is sharing lunch with her favorite stuffed friend, Hello Kitty. She always wants to include a "friend" on our little picnics, so on this day it was Kitty. :)

Our neighborhood is very quiet and peaceful, so this time together is really sweet. She LOVES to talk like "big girls". I really don't have to say very much, she usually does most of the talking. (just like her daddy!) :) Presley is truly a girl's girl! Some of her favorite things are..... makeup, dresses , high heels, more makeup, jewelry, and talking on her pink Barbie phone. We have so much fun together! I never dreamed having a girl would be this much fun! (and exhausting at times! :)

The outfit that Presley has on in the top picture was hand picked by her....a high school musical shirt with a red and black Georgia skirt. This outfit was her 3rd outfit of the day...yes third, and it was only lunch time.


Mandy W. said...

We have picnics all the time too! We should picnic together one day.

Mary said...

awww, how can you stand it, Mama?? what a DOLL!!! :)