Monday, May 12, 2008

Me and Ang showing mom some love!!!

I awoke on Mother's Day with our power out and NO WATER!! When our power went out, it caused our well to stop pumping water. This was not a good thing, because we all needed showers for church, AND i had a fridge full of food for a cookout at my house that afternoon! Yikes!! I was in a panic, but trying to be happy and grateful. We had planned on going to my mother in law's church, First Baptist in Conyers, however that didn't pan out because we could not shower or bathe! We spiffed up as best as we could, and headed to meet Jane, my mother-in law at Whistle Post for brunch. Thankfully when we returned our power was back on!! I told the Lord that i would never take running water for granted ever again!!

Later that evening I cooked dinner for my sister and her family and my mom and dad. I have come to the realization that i absolutely LOVE to entertain! It is so much fun getting the house ready for company and preparing all the small details that go along with it. Lem said he couldn't decide if i was more excited about my family coming over, or just getting everything ready for them!! :) The funniest thing is that I made my very first 3 layer cake. Everything was going great until it was time to take the layers out of the pans and place on the cake plate. I used a spatula to dig the cakes out......oooops...big mistake. The cake looked like Joseph and Presley had attempted their first cake. Once the icing was on, it was beginning to look a little better, though. Thank Goodness for the icing!! Well, when i was re-telling the story to Jane, she was dying laughing and said..."honey, you just turn the pan over and the cake will fall on to the cake plate!" OOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!! I was mortified at my inability to use such elementary common sense! Oh well, atleast it makes for a good "first 3 layer cake story"!! Martha Stewart I will never be!

When my family arrived we had such a great time, laughing, reminiscing, laughing some more, eating, eating some more...and just enjoying the closeness that we all share. I didn't want anyone to leave i was having so much fun.

By the end of the night, i was exhausted, yet still on a high from my (almost) perfect day. My ever so thoughtful husband cleaned up the remains of our good time in the kitchen, as i headed for the bathtub to bathe the kids. My day was coming to an end, and as i watched the kids in the bathtub, i was keenly aware of the blessings that God has so graciously, yet so undeservingly blessed me with. After tucking them in, I headed for a soak in my bathtub. As I was soaking away the long, yet glorious day...I specifically asked the Lord if it was wrong to not want my children to grow up and to just keep them in my care forever and ever. Lem and I are so aware of them changing and growing every single day, and it just stings a bit when they need you less and less. We often talk of wanting to freeze time and just remaining in the moment of where we are right now. Maybe, this is how heaven will be....

Don't get me wrong...there are days (many days) when i am pulling my hair out and asking God to " please, please, please give me more patience.... " :) But it is the quiet evenings when the kids smell of lavendar bath soap and freshly brushed teeth, when we are reading books in their beds, that i can't ever imagine not doing this.

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Mary said...

we- -ll!!!!!!! how sweet!!!! i feel the exact same way - can we just freeze them?? please?? :)
glad your day was so good - funny cake story.
love you so,