Monday, May 5, 2008

Girls just wanna have Fun!

Me and Erin at the condo just about to head to Mazziano's
Me and Kim taking one last pic before heading to eat...
Our sweet waitress took our picture....
Had to include this at Sephora! See how happy i am??!!!
This weekend was FABULOUS!! Erin, Kim and myself went on a whirlwind girls getaway.... all the way to........Atlantic Station! We left Sat. morning and came back late Sunday afternoon. Saturday was filled with shopping, shopping and more shopping!! Atlantic Station is packed full of great shops and restaurants. For lunch on Sat., we ate at Rosa Mexicana.....mmmmmm.....muy deliciouso!! The guacamole was the best i have ever laid my mouth on! Sooo yummy!
For dinner the girls insisted that we go to Mazziono's because I had never eaten there. Wow! Great food and great atmosphere! We were surrounded by adorable highschool prom teenagers. They were so cute!! Made me feel really old, though! We had so much food goodness!
After dinner we headed to Lennox, for yet more shopping! The highlight of the night was going to Sephora at Lennox. My favorite store of all time! I actually only spent $6.00 because i had a gift card......shew...glad for that. :)
Also, since we are still somewhat young and always up for a laugh, we tried on prom dresses at Macy's and took pictures. I didn't include those because they are way too embarrasing! We laughed our tails off in that dressing room. Those Macy's folks probably felt so sorry for us, trying on prom dresses on a Sat. night with no prom to go to! Nevertheless...we thought it was HILARIOUS. :)
Sunday morning we ate at Waffle House and went to IKEA! Okay, that place is a world all it's own. I was overwhelmed by all of the cool stuff they had. I can't wait to go back again!
It was nice getting home to our families on Sunday. The trip was refreshing and much needed for all 3 of us! Can't wait to go again!
Special thanks to our husbands for doing a great job taking care of things while we were gone! We love ya"ll!!! ;)


Danielle said...

I think every 30 year old should try on prom dresses...sounds so much fun! I can hear the laughter and giggling glad y'all had a great time! I used to work right there at Atlantic Station...would go shopping or eat on my lunch break. Hope to see you soon! xoxo

Mary said...

how fun!!!!!!!!!! i'm so glad you got away - nothing in the world like some quality girl time. those pics were great, you all look so beautiful.