Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kitchen talk......

I was just sitting on the couch poring through my Better Homes and Gardens cook book.

It's a huge pink, special edition, cook book that my Momma gave me a few years ago. It's hardly been touched. Not because it's not a great book, but because I have dozens of other books on the same shelf with it that get picked up because I am a little more familiar with the recipes.

A little unknown fact about me: I love reading cookbooks. Love.

The more pictures the better. I hate reading a recipe that doesn't have a picture attached. I have to have a visual so that I know what the dish will look like.You know? Say yes. :)

This post all stemmed from me trying to make some Russian tea cakes this afternoon. I was in the mood to cook or bake. So, baking it was since I had the ingredients for this yummy treat. When I say yummy, I mean YUMMY.

My neighbor, Kelly, makes them every Christmas. She gives me a big plate full of them because she knows they are my favorite! These little devils are the reason my pants won't button come January 2nd. Seriously.

Anyway, I decided to make them on my own. I was craving some comfort food.

Not sure what happened, but they ended up falling apart. Completely. Every last little ball of them.

I remember Kelly's famous last words when I asked her if they were easy to make: "Jill, you could make these blindfolded."



As I looked at the little crumbled cookies in the pound of powdered sugar they were supposed to be rolled in, I felt a wee bit sorry for myself.

I thought: "Seriously, Jill? Can you do anything right?"

Not kidding. I had these thoughts.

My mind was spinning at all of the things that I did not excel in. The enemy was having a hay day with me.

Actually, I give him no credit. My flesh was having a hay day with my mind. Yep, that's it.

After sweeping up the crumbs and powdered sugar, I sat down with my cookbook. The one mentioned above.

I'll try another recipe tomorrow was my exact thought. I will make something really new and yummy. I will. I will. I will.

I was determined to make something good to make up for the failed Russian tea cakes. I never liked Russia anyway. Too.darn.cold.

This same time one year ago, I heard the Lord calling me to draw closer to Him in His Word. I could literally feel Him pursuing me like never before.

It was then and there that SHINE began. It all began with His pursuing, my reacting, and His faithfulness.

Funny how a year can change you.

I've been sifted and molded and sifted some more this past year.

All in His timing of course.

My heart is in a new place as the old year ends and a new year begins.

Last year it was an anticipation, a longing.

This year, it is more of a settled peace. A Holy Contentment. Not contentment in the fact that I am where I need to be in my faith journey...because I have such a long way to go. Like, millions of miles.

More like a contentment with who I am, where I am on this journey, and who He created me to be.

Just like my baking disaster from today, I know that perfection is not an option. It never will be.

However, when I do fail--like with the tea cakes--I will get back up, sweep the floor, and try again.

With each failure, I will learn something new. I will be more equipped for the next journey.

I am learning that it really is a day by day journey with Him. If I try to skip ahead a few pages, it never works out. He wants every moment to be accounted for.

He uses each second as a teaching opportunity. To grow me in the areas that are too tiny for me to even see. He wants every crevice filled. Every last one of them.

looking for a new recipe,


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Heather Cook said...

Must have been the day! I bombed a know brainer cookie...going to have to redeem myself! Love you!