Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let's Skate on Eight.....

Presley turned 8 on December 1st.

I still can hardly believe that my baby girl is 8.

Here are some things about my Presley:

finished first grade
learned to roller skate
lost more teeth
took gymnastics
cheered for the first time
still loves to cook
learned to ice skate
she loves writing notes (just like her momma!)
her favorite thing to do is play school after school!
she loves make-up (not sure where she gets that from) ;)
she loves camping
she is my side kick in life!
she can braid her own hair. really, she can.
she has the cutest feet ever. like, ever ever.
her hair is so thick. i am so envious. :)
she loves Jesus!

Okay, I could go on...

Like, forever.

Presley has been wanting to have a roller skating party since her cousin Anna-Joy had her party back in July. So, our town just got a new skating rink several months ago, and we had the party there! Yay!

Here are some pics from her fun party!

having some snacks

melissa and her sweet james 
playing some roller skating games!

Artazia and I 

Jenny and Tyler so sweet!

The birthday star!

Anna-Joy, Presley, Cali, and Karoline


favorite friends: Karoline, Presley, Andrea, Annabel

Danny and Rob

sweet Thomas

Maw Maw & Presley

can you believe Wal-Mart did this cute cake? less than $30 bucks!

beautiful Anna-Joy

presley and andrea held hands almost the entire time! so cute!

annabel, karoline, anna-joy, cali, presley, andrea, and ashley

good friends, ava & presley

my favorite girl!

i love her face!

make a wish!

Happy Birthday, my sweet Princess Presley!

You are the most thoughtful, sweet, kind, compassionate, loving and BEAUTIFUL girl in the whole  world! 

I love you always and forever,


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