Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mopping floors over here....

I love when the Lord works quick on us. It's astonishing. Like He's been waiting for us to acknowledge our "mess" the whole time. Just waiting with a big fat broom to sweep it clean.

Or, more like a mop. With ammonia.

I had lunch with a friend last night. (Lisa) She spoke truth, she spoke Life.

We went to Lifeway and bought "Prayers that Avail Much" by Germaine Copeland.

Go get this book. Now.

We prayed a specific prayer in the book as we returned back to the car.

I love a friend that will just stop you dead in your tracks and pray over you. Hello!

I left and I felt God's power. Immediately.

I could feel the anointing from His healing hands. Just waiting to pour the oil over me.


If that weren't enough, I met my precious friend, Erin Spinks, for coffee today after our run.

She text me as soon as we finished running, and asked if I was "okay". I KNEW the Holy Spirit had prompted her to reach out.

The Lord knew she would have words for me to receive. She has been down an almost identical path, and she knew exactly where to "meet" me.

Y'all God is so ready for whatever you got. Whatever you are struggling with. Give it to HIM.

Trust Him with it.

He is waiting with His big ol' white mop to sop it up.

I love me some clean floors. Don't you?

still wet,


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