Friday, August 3, 2012

Insta Week 7/30-8/3...

So, we start school next Wednesday.

How do we end our Summer fun?

At the beach, of course!

We joined Momma Jane, William and Danny for some farewell to Summer beach fun.

Amelia Island was the perfect host for our little rendezvous.

so, this is what happens when you visit a restaurant more times than you visit your kitchen.
chili's in conyers is redecorating and they offered to let me take some of the current decor home.
hello? yes!!! more things coming!
full moon on the beach at amelia island. heavenly.
my two faves. ever. 
presley and danny have the most fun together.
a little sand art. 
my heart. my fave. my boy.
missing my lem on this trip. 
old school mini golf at the beach. loves.
soaking up my man. and my doggie is soaking him up too
danny is a boy after my own heart with that yellow ball.
me love yellow too!
hello, thirty-something feet. meet soft comfy beach sand.
danny is a little serious about his mini golfing.
this is the life.
did i mention that i missed lem on this trip?
and, a vaca is not complete without a visit to chili's.
for some chips and salsa and all that goodness.
danny agrees.
my sunshine girl. with a red kool aid mouth. 
momma jane and her loves. at the surf. a yummy beach dive.

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