Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kickin' that bucket....

i asked mary and kelly to join me the Tuesday before the race that Saturday...and they DID. great friends, or what?!

Kelly, Vicky and Me after the race...we're pooped.

my running friends! i LOVE these women..they inspire me daily!
Since having my 2 beautiful children, my life has been about them. Every single waking day is wrapped up in their needs, their desires, their little every things. I love it. Nurturing is my game.

However, since turning the big 3-5 last year, things are slowly changing.

My life has meaning too. What? Yes, you heard me..I have a life outside of my 2 lovely children. As I write this, I am picturing Lem saying..."and what about me?" Yes, you too, darling. You are always on my mind and on my heart. That's a given too.

Something happened when I turned that big 2 digit odd number last January of 2010. I suddenly felt like my life still had a lot of purpose! God not only wants me to be a wife and a mommy, but He also puts other desires in my heart. He has equipped me this way.

Of course these desires should not ever take me away from Him or from my family. They are to make me stronger and better..a better me for my family.

Well, I decided to start a bucket list. You know...write down some things that I wanted to do before the end of my life. I haven't gotten very far with it, but I just marked my very first thing off the list.

I ran my FIRST 5 K last weekend!! Yes, that's right...I DID!! I cannot even begin to explain the thrill of crossing the finish line and seeing my Lem, my Joseph and my Presley cheering for me. It was exhilarating!!

It was so cool to see their faces...they were proud of me. They were proud of ME.

My children need to see me setting goals and achieving them. I want them to do the same throughout their lives. I want them to live passionately and with God-given purpose. It's the only way to live. It's easy to put yourself on the back burner and simmer on the lowest setting for a long time. Trust me, I know this because I have lived this..and still do a lot of the time.

This stove is getting hotter though. I liked the nervous feeling in my stomach before the race. I have missed that.

I feel stronger. I feel better. I feel good.

So, what's on your bucket list? If you don't have one...go make one. Let your kids see you accomplish something you love! You have a life too...a wonderful one.

still humming the Chariots of Fire song,



Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post Jill, very inspirational. Thank you for posting this, not sure we have stayed up on your bucket list, glad to know what you are achieving at a young age of 36. That's the year I lost my Mother, and my bucket list was put on hold and must still be...ha ha!!!

Mary said...

Thanks for pushing me and inspiring me with your verve and zeal. You're my kinda girl.