Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happily Famili-ed....

I love Mother's Day. Plain and simple. I get to honor the most loved and admired women around me. My Mom, my sister, My Mama Jane.

Saturday, my sister and I took my Mom to dinner at Filet at Lake Oconee and then to see "Water for Elephants". Good, good movie. Good, good actor. (Robert Pattinson). Need I say more?

Interjection--when reading the previous sentence, say the word "good" like this--"GuHd." Say it one more time and say it slower==-"GuuuHd."

Are you laughing? Well, you should be. My sister and I say it with and Indian accent and it's the funniest thing. It is to us anyway. Got it? Guhd.


Moving on.

Sunday morning I was awakened by the smell of my Presley's breath on my cheek. She is always the first to greet me on these special "Mommy" days. She loves spoiling me. 

She tells me not to get out of bed. She then runs into the den and yells for Lem to get up. (He slept on the couch.) Yes, our marriage is fine. He just prefers the couch on the weekend. Fine by me. I get to snuggle with Presley all by myslef in our big bed. Happiness.

Finally, I hear some rummaging around in the kitchen. 20 minutes later, I hear a  gentle knock on the door, and a big tray of breakfast is plopped in front of me.

Did I mention I love Mother's Day? My family knows how to spoil me. It's not that they cooked an elaborate was just oatmeal (my usual), toast with jam, coffee and orange juice. It wasn't about the food, it was about not having to get up and get everyone else fed before I even have a chance to wipe the sleep from my eyes. This is the harried way Sunday mornings usually play out at our abode.

This happy momma got to leisurely enjoy a breakfast all by herself.

 Just me and the T.V.

I didn't even know what was on T.V. on Sunday mornings. I usually don't even have a chance to glance it's way on a typical Sunday.

I have no idea what I watched. I was just soaking up the enjoyment of being able to sit in peace and think about my blessings.

If it weren't for the presents awaiting me in the other room, I would have stretched the time out another 30 minutes or so, at least.

My Joseph gave me an Ikea gift card. (that i had gotten for Christmas already.) Lem is teaching him the art of re-gifting early. Not sure if it counts when it is given to the same person again? I loved it anyway.

Presley had gotten me some things from her school store. My favorite gifts of all time have come from that little store. She gave me a key chain, magnets, and a precious book mark. (which now resides in my bible.) Along with that came an old checkbook of my Mom's, an old make-up bag I had let her play with, and some things from a goody bag that she had received the day before at a birthday party.

 She loves to give, that girl. Even when it comes from her very own playroom. My darlin'.

Lem gave me some new tennis shoes that I had requested. He also gave me some $$ for an upcoming girls trip. Yippee!

We went to church and came back home to my house for lunch with my Mom and Dad and my sister's family. Good food, good fun. Good country living. (surely that line is in a country song somewhere.)

For dinner, we met Mama Jane and Lem's sister and brother and families for dinner at Las Flores. Yum. Kids playing, adults talking and laughing. A wonderful evening on that beautiful lit-up porch in Old Town Conyers.

A perfect day.

God loves me. He really must. I am surrounded by the best family. They know how to take care of me and make me feel so special.

I hope that I always make them feel the same way. I love them to the moon and back.

Definitely far from perfect, but they are perfectly mine.

happy to be here,

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