Thursday, May 21, 2009

Truth hurts....

Presley and I were resting on my bed today and an infomercial came on. It was the one with the wet/dry straight iron..the one that can turn your hair from "frizz to fabulous". Surely you all have seen it. It's truly amazing!! (tongue in cheek, of course)

Well, anyway...Presley looks over at me with those striking blue eyes...the eyes that don't miss a beat, the eyes that say "i know i'm four, but i'm smarter than you" know, those eyes. You have heard many a story about her comments and sayings, ones that are beyond believable coming from a 4 year old. In fact, many of the stories came straight from her then 3 year old mouth.

Okay, so we are on the same page. You get it.

Well, Presley begins to study me intently for a second and begins to speak.

P: Mommy, you could REALLY use that thingy on t.v.

Me: Darlin, I have a flat iron already....remember? The one that I always tell you not to touch because it's hot?

P: Yes, but Mommy, your flat iron doesn't work. You need that one...that one right there. (pointing the the t.v.)

Me: You don't like my hair???

P: No, it's terrible.

Me: Terrible??? Let me get this straight...You think Mommy's hair is bad?

P: Yes, Mommy. Yes! That's what I am saying. It looks like a rat's hair sometimes. I just really don't like it.

Me: Wow...and who do you think has pretty hair?

P: Well, me. Everyone says so, Mommy. Don't you ever listen?

Yes. This is what she said....word for excruciating word.

I thought today that I may start carrying around a small tape recorder in my pocket. The things that come out of this precious baby's just would not believe. I have a hard time believing them myself.

I love that brutally honest girl...with all my heart. She puts a smile on my face, despite her "yet to be tamed" little tongue. We're working on it, though. Slowly, but surely.

a potent conditioning treatment is in my near future,



Greer Dierkes said...

That is hilarious! Jill, your hair is always frizz in sight :) I'd love to hear what Miss Presley has to say about mine! Or maybe not... :)
From the mouth of babes...
Too cute!

Danielle said...

I am with Greer....would hate to see what Miss P would say aboutthe state of my hair. Wow!! Tell her that her mommy's hair is the envy of all her girlfriends! :)

Love you and your beautiful hair!!

Angela said...

i really think she may be MY child...honesty is a curse! of course, there is NO truth there b/c your hair is beautiful! and she is right...i know I personally tell her ALL the time how gorgeous her hair is! LOVE THAT CHILD, yet I fear her when her mouth starts moving and her Angie eye is on me! HAHA!

Mary said...

That Presley. . . does she know the art of the Homecoming Queen, Mommy? You need to write down some of your tips and share with that sweet little thang.
Honesty is a curse, but I'm way too honest about such things like my obsession with your toes and everyone else's.
Send that baby to HQ Summer Camp!
Ha! ;)

Rebekah Hudgins said...

I don't think I could possibly comment after Mary's comment here. It reminds me of our trip to Wetumpka.

I love you and am always pea green with envy when I spy your beautiful locks!


Hospitalitygal said...

Just wanted you to know that I was sipping my morning coffee as I read this little dialogue and it came speuing from my mouth as I cracked up at Presley hilarious comments. She is quite the salesman isn't she? So funny! ...and Jill, your hair IS beautiful, everyone says so, doesn't she listen? XO