Sunday, May 3, 2009

Alert: Detox in progress....

Today marks the second day that I am living caffeine-free. Yes, I said it...caffeine free. For those of you that know me, you are laughing out loud by these words. Not only laughing, but scoffing probably.

My head is killing me, yet my nerves are somehow intact. The reasons for this suddenly caffeine-free lifestyle are many.

For months, possibly even a year...I haven't quite felt the same. My nerves seem to be on overload, my thoughts are scattered and highly random most days, and my heart is always skipping or beating in a very uncomfortable fashion.

Ignoring these symptoms, in hopes that they would disappear, hasn't worked very well. After reading several books on healthier eating and healthier lifestyles, I have discovered what caffeine is doing to by body, and it's not pretty. This is what I read that kicked my butt in caffeine-free gear:

~Caffeine is a toxic poison that will damage the lining to your stomach and cause damage to your liver and kidneys. It will constrict arteries and contribute to heart attack and stroke, and it is also suspected of causing various kinds of cancer.

Ummm, okay that sealed the deal for me.

Please don't misunderstand, I am not saying that coffee is bad for everyone. I was on a 3-4 cups a morning, plus 2 cups in the afternoon routine. Not only was I on caffeine overload, but I was singularly responsible for the rise in Starbucks stocks. (just kidding) I am not able to just "cut-back", I am way too far gone for that.

So, if you catch me grumpy in the next few days, chalk it up to a caffeine-detox. Forgive me, I will be back to my normal self within a week.......or so they say.
If you come by my house and smell the coffee brewing, don't fret, it is only my new organic decaf, high anti-oxidant coffee from Kroger. (did i mention that it was $10.00??) Better health comes with a higher price, I suppose.

missing the spring in my step...but not the skip in my heart beat,


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Danielle said...

Jill I am so proud of you! I quit drinking caffiene about 5 years ago and have never felt better. I drink my decaf tea in the morning with my hazelnut creamer..OMG! Love it!!

Now...I will have a sweet tea about once every two weeks but just one glass. I could go crazy with that! :)