Thursday, May 21, 2009

All in this together....

~My Love Dare girls! Courtney, Collette and Kelly~
~Kelly and Chad~

~Courtney and Thomas~

~Kirk and Collette~

~Me and my Love "Challenge"...heehee~

Today marks day 14 of the Love Dare. It is going pretty well so far. However, I must admit that it is VERY hard at times to stay true to the days challenge. My old tongue wants to come out and play at times, and I have to wrangle her back down. I find my flesh screaming with agony when it wants to be "unlovely" with my thoughts or words.

For me, the hardest part is keeping my mouth shut when I want to say something back to Lem, or argue with him about a "comment" that he may have made. UGGGHHH!!! This Love Dare can be REALLY hard at times!!! It is forcing me to take the reins on my emotions and be "quick to listen, and slow to speak".

The greatest challenges are yet to come, I am sure of it. However, I will keep trucking along with the knowledge that all of this will strengthen our marriage, and help me to keep my overflowing emotions and hormones in check. Daily, I am finding myself thinking back to the previous lessons, and how I need to utilize them in any given situation. It's like I don't have an excuse to act a certain way anymore, because if I didn't already know before reading this book, I certainly do now. It's highly convicting, but in a good way.

I am so grateful for my sweet little LOV girls who are on this journey with me. I am blessed beyond measure to have you in my life for your encouragement and wisdom. You all mean more to me than you will ever know. May we be victorious in our marriages and in all of our relationships. I love you ladies!

If any of you reading this want to join us in improving our marriages, by all means go get a book...TODAY!!! Let's do this thing together!!

won't you join us?



Mary said...

Rebekah bought the book for me and for her just yesterday. We're in!!
I can't wait to dive into it and see what all the fuss is about - more oxygen for my marriage?? Sign me up!
Love you!

Hospitalitygal said...

I've been dong the Love Dare for a couple of weeks now. (I'm only through day 6) It is a very challenging thing to walk through! I will definately keep you girls in my prayers through this. It seems as though marriages are falling apart all around us these days and I'm willing to do anything to guard mine against falling into that trap!