Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Priceless Pictures....

~Walking out the door to head to church...they were extra sweet this morning to each other. Presley was so excited for her big brother! She kept asking if we would please make sure to come and get her from her class so that she could watch! We did, of course.~

~This is a picture of everyone that joined us this special day...from left: Chris Moreau, Lee, Danielle, and Eli Copeland, Mary, Audrey and Sloane Balicki, Erin, Nicholas and Alex Moreau, Jane Hill, Jessica and Danny Nix, NaNa Terri and PaPa Danny, Joseph, Jason and Graham Hill, Lee, Angela, Jordan, Amberlee, Royce, and Anna-Joy Crowe, PawPaw Allgood and MawMaw Allgood, and Elan Crowe.

~Our little family of four~

~Joseph is being prayed over by Pastor Scott Moore~

~Just about to go under the water...~

~Coming out of the baptismal water...~

Here are a few of the special shots from Joseph's big day. Enjoy!

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