Thursday, April 9, 2009

The lunch date....

I knew it would happen. Well, at least they said it would. I kind of doubted it would though. Until today.

Presley and I made a surprise visit to eat lunch at school with Joseph today. We were so excited, Chic-fil-a in hand, smiles on our faces, and ready to see his face beaming with pride and joy that we had come to bring him lunch.

As he rounded the corner into the lunch room, he saw us. He didn't flinch. He looked behind him at his friend, as if to say.... "sorry, i gotta eat with them."

My heart sank. I tried not to show my disappointment, but I was devastated. We went outside to find a picnic table. I couldn't get outside fast enough, so that I could put my sunglasses back on. My eyes were flooding with tears. My appetite had suddenly vanished.

As we sat outside and made small talk about his day, my mind was completely spinning. All that I could think about was my little boy and how little he wasn't anymore.

After we ate, he ran off to recess to play with his friends. He was so happy to meet up with them again. He had dropped me like a lead balloon.

This is how it should be. I know. I want him to have balance and friends and all that come with being a seven year old boy. I just wish it was easier on my heart.

This will certainly be just the first of many times like these. So far, I am not liking this growing up thing.

peter pan had the right idea,



Mary said...

Mommy!!! What a debbie-downer!! Ugh. . .I can see your little face right now. :(
Good news, you're raising a strong young man, independent and confident. He's on the right path but growing like a weed.
Not blinking for a second,

Rebekah Hudgins said...


I love you. And, I love your blog. I can just hear you telling this story.

Ah, sweet baby Joseph. His manners are so sweet and Southern that he knew he was definitely not turning down lunch with mom. What a cutie! :)

Unlike Peter Pan, Joseph will be a lady killer man's man one day.
I can see it now.

Thank you for sharing this rite of passage, I won't blink, Jack will be there soon, I know.

Love you so,

Tracey said...

I'm so sorry your bubble got busted!!!! Mary is right that you are raising such a strong little guy..... your doing such a good job!!!

Still not blinking,

Collette McKenna Parker said...

It happened to me last year. I had been putting cute "I love you notes" in charlotte's lunch box. When I asked (after a few weeks) if she had been reading them, she grinned, but was obviously embarrassed. I asked if they were embarrassing her, and she nodded, sheepishly. I was crushed, and still am when I think about it. Why can't they stay little, in mind and body?