Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Water is Warm....

On August 5th, 2001, a special little boy was brought down from heaven and straight into my arms. His name is Joseph Lemuel Hill. I knew from the first time that I saw him that he was no ordinary boy. He had a light inside of him from the very first breath that he drew. I have told you his birth story before in previous posts, (back in August, I think), so I will spare you those details again.

Joseph asked to be baptized back in November. On November 24th, 2008, he asked Jesus Christ to live in His heart and to be his Savior. (Again, that whole story is on my blog as well). I will never forget that day and he won't either. Well, since then, he has asked many times to be baptized. We have been fervently looking for a church home for this to take place. We had been visiting a church in this area for over a year, but decided that it was not quite the right fit for our family and we wanted to pray for God's guidance on where he wanted us to belong.

We stumbled upon Eastridge Community. Needless to say, we haven't tried another church since. It seems to be where God wants us, and we are thrilled!

Joseph will be baptized at Eastridge on March 29th. He will finally get the one and only thing that he asked for on his Christmas list to Santa.

Joseph, we are so proud of you. God is even more proud of you. He loves you so much.

**one more thing about Joseph...i have to write these things down, because my ADD brain will have forgotten them by tomorrow....

We took our dogs for a walk tonight. Which is, by the way, a rare occurrence these days. Our poor dogs don't get out much with our busy schedules. Back to the story...Joseph loves walking Holly, our Jack Russell. She is smaller and much easier to guide than our Siberian Husky, Aspen.

Joseph whistles for Holly to come, stop, go , whatever he wants her to do, and it is the cutest thing. The reason it is so endearing to me is because he makes the same noise that Lem does when he calls her....kind of like a clicking sound. It is identical to the way Lem does it, and it is precious to watch Joseph call her the same way.

After our little family walk, Lem and Joseph took the dogs down to the basement and back into their little doggie world. As they were telling the dogs goodbye, Joseph leaned down to kiss Holly (our dog) goodnight. Lem said that Joseph then bent down and prayed.."Now I lay me down to sleep" with Holly...the whole prayer.

Can't you just picture that little piece of heaven?? What I would have given to witness such a sight!! Lord knows that I would have been scrambling and rummaging for my video camera and would have missed the whole thing. I am sure of it.

beaming with joy,

your mommy


Rebekah Hudgins said...

Oh my goodness, darling!! Joseph is a little Lem Junior with his mommy's beautiful features. He has such a tender heart, just like his you, too! He is a sugar bunch.

May God bless him on his special day, March 29th. Loving your family this morning.

Love and hugs!

Tracey said...

Jill ~ how sweet! I just love Joseph. He has the sweetest soul. I absolutely love to hear our little ones pray! Wish we could be there to witness such a grand event in his life!!!

Love you ~

Amber said...

The "finally getting the one and only thing on his Christmas list" brought me to tears!!! What a precious little boy!!!!