Sunday, March 22, 2009

To clip or not to clip....

This weekend I came to a startling realization. I am not a coupon clipper. I am not proud of this by any means. My friends have inspired me to clip, compare, clip some more, power shop, power save, and all of those other stimulative actions. For the last two weeks, I have worn out my search engine looking for coupons and deals to help me in my arduous task of saving money on groceries.

I was beginning to think that maybe I was really "cut out", pardon the pun, for coupon clipping. "This isn't so hard", I kept thinking to myself. "I can do this...Yay for me!" My husband will be so proud. He will reward me with a big fresh bouquet of flowers, on sale of course, because of all of the money that I am going to save on our grocery bill.

Wrong. As I printed out my coupons today from, I was eager to get my grocery cart and do some serious shopping. My shopping day is today, Sunday, so here I am, coupons freshly printed. The ink aroma from the coupons is nearly intoxicating as I see the amounts imprinted on them with the money that I will be saving.

As I put on a fresh coat of lip gloss and head out the door, I am all the while thinking...."I am such a smart cookie. This is going to be a breeze and I am going to be able to get that new pair of shoes, because I will be saving so much money!"

I get in the car and glance in the mirror. Yikes! I had forgotten to brush my hair. Yes, my lip gloss was fresh, but my hair was a frightful sight. I had been playing with the kids and completely missed the fact that I had a huge tuft of hair falling out of my little hair barrette that had been placed there early that morning.

I reach for my purse and find my old faithful wide tooth comb. A little of this and a little of that, and my hair is put back together ready for public viewing. Then, something told me that maybe I should check my coupons. I am sure it was my pride, just wanting to get a glimpse of those new pair of shoes, OOPS, I mean, just wanting to make sure the coupons were safe and sound in my purse.

Slowly and delicately, I pull my treasured coupons out of my purse for one more prideful glance. By the way that I was holding them, you would have thought they were a rare piece of expensive jewelry. Gentle and not wanting to bend or tear them, I hold them up once more.

As I admire them for the last time, I notice something that I had not noticed before. In the upper right hand corner there is an expiration date. My first thought was, "Good thing that I am using them up today. I am so savvy!"

My next thought is, " Whew, I barely missed the expiration date. March 21st, that's a close call."

Suddenly my face goes pale, and I am certain that I must have looked as if I had seen a ghost.


The coupons had expired......yesterday.

Needless to say, my bubble had busted. The wind was gone from my sails. I was just another shopper, just another Mom.....who doesn't have coupons.

As I moped through the aisles of Ingles, I felt like a failure. I was too disappointed to even think about what was going into my buggy. I had my grocery list, but the spring in my step had left my tired feet.

I checked out my groceries, and uttered a barely audible, "No, Maam," when asked if I had any coupons to use.

Despite the impasse, I left Ingles that day with a fresh new perspective.

I decided that there are a zillion other ways I can cut back without having to be a slave to coupon clipping. If I had a coupon, GREAT, but if I didn't, that was okay too. I was exhausted trying to find who had the cheapest grapes, or who is having a bogo offer. Ugghhh! It was exasperating to me.

But, if I am being completely honest, I must confess that I greatly admire and envy all of you coupon clippers and deal getters. It is something that I aspire to attain. Perhaps I am not only lacking the skills, but also the patience it requires.

So, alas, I will only be a mere understudy until I learn the ropes and finally get the starring role of....... "Coupon Mom".

putting my clippers away,



LoriGriffin said... probably don't want to hear that they don't usually care about the date if it's close, right? Don't give up!! You can do it!

Melinda Williams Moore said...

I just chortled and giggled my way through your entire post, totally identifying with you.

Danielle said... me and I will go with you next time. We will load up with all our coupons and go shopping. I am so proud of you for trying...but don't give up yet. You could get 2 new pair of shoes!! :) haha

Love you so!

Collette McKenna Parker said...

Don't worry Jill; I used to clip every Sunday, too, until I realized buying something I didn't need for 25 cents off wasn't really great savings. I still use coupons sometimes, but the generic brands are always cheaper anyway.

Mary said...

I love Collette's point! You have such intelligent friends! :)
I agree with her theory and you can always get some good deals with the bogo offers, no coupon needed. :)
love you!

Rebekah Hudgins said...

Ahh, poor thing!! :) You are A*dorable as always! Sounds like I need to ask you out on a date to Costco.

And, you are SUCH a rule follower, I would have torn off the expiration date. (Did I just say that?) I have done so many times.

You're doing great and cutting back doesn't have to mean coupon cutting!

Love you lady,

Tracey said...

Jilly.... you are so cute!!! You made me laugh b/c I too have been where you are! I used to get such a kick about coupon cutting and hunting for the best deals only to be disappointed in the end. I think coupons are a joke! The only coupons I use are for dog food b/c most of the time they come in the bag and I only use one brand so that is a no brainer!

If you get a good deal on something that is a major score!!! I'm proud of you for trying to cut back and I agree that there are other areas that you can cut back without the hassle!!!

Does your family know how lucky they are to have you?? You are doing such a great job as wife and mother!!!

Love you,

Michelle Chapman said...

Jill, you are just precious!!! :) Coupon's are hard! It's funny that you posted this blog...just the other day I decided to sit down at the computer and find a Destin coupon (we should get stock in that stuff)! I actually found one for a dollar off! But, sitting down and doing the whole grocery list like that seems daunting to me coupons make you spend more $$$ b/c you end up buying stuff that you have coupons for even if you don't need it! Diaper coupons--now that's a diffrent story ;) I just got caught up on all your blogs---I haven't been on in forever and need to update mine...that too seems daunting :) Talk soon sweet girl!

Laurie from GA said...

Ohhhh Me Gosh! I am such the coupon clipper! Kinda OCD, I'll admit...but it saves tons of money! I don't buy anything I wouldn't normally buy, b/c I know that generics are cheaper; but I almost always have a coupon for my name brands! My little organization secret is (drumroll, please) I save the return envelopes out of junk mail, write my grocery list on the outside of the envelope and put my coupons for the shopping trip inside. It really makes things easier!

Please tell me that you use the frequent shopper cards?!?!? If not, I may have to drive over there and do a tutorial!

Hope y'all are well!