Thursday, December 4, 2008

More needles in haystacks....

I promised more Christmas photos, and here you have them. These are from 2007 at Mommy Jane's house. The task was to try and get all SIX grandchildren in the Christmas photo. Well, let's see how things went....... we have only five children.....ladies and gentleman we have an escapee...Graham wriggled his way out of this picture.....
~and he is still missing....but the camera is still snapping pictures, just in case he decides to suddenly reappear~

~hey...what's this I see...Graham has decided to grace us with his handsome presence.!!! now we have Presley, Graham, William, Ashley, Danny and Joseph!~

~and DAH-DAH!! here we have a Christmas picture with all 6 grandchildren!~

And you thought it couldn't be done!!

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Laurie from GA said...

Seriously, why does picture taking have to be so painful!?! I can get so aggravated!

But the bloopers are pretty fun to look at! :-)

Tracey said...

I haven't even tried this year... Awful huh! I love getting the Christmas cards b/c I know what went into them!!!
Love your pics and you!!!

Mary said...

No kidding - you should have seen me at the beach pulling Sloane and Audrey out of the pool just before we left - drying their hair, throwing on their dresses and heading out to snap a picture, only to find that emergency vehicles all over the beach rescuing some poor swimmer. I tried, I really, really tried. . .photo instead with dunes in background. ;)