Sunday, December 28, 2008

Treats for Santa......

~Presley's cookies for Santa..~
~Joseph's cookies for Santa...he got a little sprinkle happy..~

~All the kiddies showing off their yummy treats...~

~Presley rolling and patting her dough..~

~Mrs. and Mr. Claus...oops..i mean Jaynes~

On Tuesday, December 23rd, the kids and I went to Kim and Christian Jaynes to make cookies for Santa! This has become a much anticipated event for me and the children. This is just one of the many traditions that we have with friends and family to celebrate the best day of the year...Christmas!!
Thank you, Kim, for hosting this oh-so-fun event at your beautiful home each year. We love you guys so much and can't wait for next year.
still sticky from the icing,

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