Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hearing vs. Listening.....

Day three at the beach. I could totally live here. I really could.

Of course, I would never get anything done. Except for the occasional blog post. ;)

I've done a lot of praying here. I am needing some major discernment over some things coming up through my SHINE ministry. Like major.

I know that God is not the author of confusion, because His word says so. At times, I feel confused, but then, I know that He just wants me to trust Him. Completely.

I am learning that He calls us and can re-direct us at any point. It's not the re-direction that is the main thing, it's the hearing Him call you on a different path. You know?

It takes a whole lot of sensitivity to His voice in order to not miss the gentle call of His voice.

Life can get noisy. And I just don't mean in the physical sense.

 It can get noisy when I have too much on my plate, spend too much time on the internet, worry over a conversation that didn't go well and play it over and over and over in my head, feelings of guilt for a reaction I may have had to one of my children {this one can really trip me up}, wondering what others may be thinking of me, wondering what Lem thinks of me.

Yeah, my mind can get noisy.

All that noise playing in my head keeps me from hearing Him at times. If I am entertaining all those things in my blonde little brain, there is no room to hear the Only Voice that matters. His.

It would be much easier if He could just pull me aside and look me in the eyes and speak what He wants me to do. However, I think that negates the personal relationship I have with Him. Right? He wants to know that I am hearing Him, because I am choosing to listen for Him.

I don't want my kids being forced to hear me, I want them to listen for my voice. Anticipate it.

When I talk to my kids, I want them to listen to me. Not just hear my voice echoing.

Everyone with ears can hear. But, can they listen? It takes discipline to listen. It does.

I think that's what He wants from us.

It's a daily thing. To try to stay in tune with Him. He's always, always there waiting to talk, to lead, to direct me. But, am I waiting for Him to? Am I clearing the cluttered path for Him to come in to my heart and truly listen for Him?

learning to listen,


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Lisa said...

Gosh Jill you write so well, share thoughts so clearly. And you make me think...really think. Thank you for sharing and encouraging me. I love you.