Monday, October 29, 2012

People change.....

It's funny how you change--the older you get.

For example:

i used to stress about my house being messy. (what a JOKE! now, i am thankful if i get to bed without tripping over Lem's shoes on the way)

i used to be SO OCD about the kids having a bath before bed every night. Even if we got home at 11:00 pm, I made sure they woke up and bathed. (now, they are lucky if I am able to change them into their p.j's without waking them up)

my car used to be spotless. (now, my car is SPOTTY! stains everywhere. they all have a memory attached though. so now i cherish them)

i used to throw everything away. everything. (i am so much more sentimental now. how long will her handwriting be like this? how long will he write little fiction stories for me to read--i will keep them forever!)

my toes used to always be perfectly polished. (i am still pretty good about keeping my feet groomed, but i am okay with a few toenails having chipped polish)

i used to get manicures. (ha!!! what is a manicure????!!) :)

i used to think that i was "just a stay at home momma"--nothing special. (now, i cherish this job description and realize how truly blessed I am to be able to live out my childhood dream of doing this job.)

i used to think that i needed to make everyone happy. i thought they needed me for this. (this has been a huge change. probably the biggest. now, i am okay if not everyone agrees with me, or what i choose to do. it's so fine. we are all different. and different is good.)

i used to think that if i weren't busy--i wasn't important. (busy is not a good thing for me. it keeps peace far, far away. it also keeps me from focusing on what i need to be honed in on...God, hubby, family. all else is just a big ol' fat bonus from the Lord.)

How have you changed?

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