Thursday, October 18, 2012

Catching Up....

So, here's what's been going on in our lives these days:
  • I gave up coffee. For real, I did. I didn't want to tell y'all too soon because I was scared that I couldn't make it ONE day without it. Well, I did! I gave it up Sept. 23rd--yes, I know the date! Let me just say that by day 3 of my detox, I woke up with night sweats. Not kidding. Serious caffeine head, I was.
  • I switched to red tea. Oh yummy. If you haven't heard of this delicious herbal drink, google it. Trust me, you need to know about it. The good news: I can drink it all day long and no jittery body parts, flipping out heart beats, losing my temper (caffeine gives me an edge apparently), and no freak-out moments in the morning when we are out of coffee. 
  • Lem still drinks coffee. I tried to get him to sway to my red tea side of the fence. He refuses. Oh well. Let him dehydrate. ;)
  • We are on Fall Break this week. Yep. Fun times!
  • Joseph has 2 more football games. I'm gonna miss this team. They are kinda like the Bad News Bears. Just adorable little fellas. Kind of all misfits. My favorite type of folks--as you all know. ;)
  • Presley is growing like a little weed. So is Joseph. I'll stop there. Tears may come and I don't have Kleenex nearby.
  • My favorite season is approaching! Thanksgiving and Christmas! 
  • My house looks like Halloween--in every room. My kids LOVE coming home to the house being decorated. It never, ever gets old.
  • Lem is reading Hunger Games. He is begging me to read it too. He just doesn't understand my "cannot read fiction" thing. He thinks I'm weird. Perhaps I am. Oh well.
  • I've been doing 200 jumping jacks a day thanks to my friend, Erin, and my running girls. The only draw back--my boobs are really sore. I am NOT kidding. Not even an ounce. (i think a new sports bra is in order--do they come in steel?)
  • We celebrated a friend's 40th birthday last weekend. Yep, we are all creeping into 40. Ready or not. 
Okay, enough rambles. Want some pictures? Okay, here goes. 

Paw Paw, Joseph and Royce at Christian's 40th!

Amber-doodle and Me

Kim and the b-day boy
oops, his eyes are closed.
maybe he is wishing he wasn't 40? 

Amberlee and Anna-Joy <3 font="font">

Is your mouth watering? Mine too.

Glenn's BBQ catered the party--my fave!

The girls show off their moves

Guess who's related and who's not? :)

It tasted good--real good. Promise.

I found this hottie at the party

The old school boys club

our newest hobby-skating!

yep, Danny too.

Lem has his work cut out for him.
(i was too busy taking pictures, people)

Oh, good times. good times.

I love Joseph's bootie. Could not resist this pic. 

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