Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Eleven is a slice of Heaven......

My Joseph turned 11 on August 5th. I know, I can hardly believe it myself.

On the 4th of August, he asked me if his birthday post was up on my blog yet. He knows the drill, and he loves it.

He loves reading about his life on here. I must admit, I love sharing his beautiful life on here as well.

Today, he asked me one final time: "Mom, please do my birthday post. It's my favorite!"

Okay, here goes.

So, this is my Joseph:

  • compassionate
  • kind
  • faithful
  • obedient
  • smart
  • loving
  • funny
  • witty
  • caring
  • heart melting-ly cute

The list goes on. I will stop there. If you know Joseph, you already know these things.

I have people all the time stop me to talk to me about my Joseph. They are intrigued by him. His sweet and compassionate heart. I tell them I have NO idea how he turned out that way. Seriously. He's a gift straight from Jesus.

Joseph just accompanied me to the recycling site. He hesitated going because he was in the middle of playing a video game. However, in pure Joseph-style, he changed his mind at the last minute when he saw that I would be going alone.

That's my Joseph. Ever considerate, ever thoughtful.

Before I could even pull out of the drive way, he said this: "Mom, I wish I could just live with you and Dad forever. I really don't want to grow up."

With a lump in my throat and tears on the verge of spilling, I said: "Joseph, remember what I told you about getting married and having children?"

Joseph: "Yes, Mommy. You told me that those would be the best years of my life. That's what you say about your life. Is that really, really true?"

Me: "Absolutely 100% without a doubt, it is the truth. THESE are the best years of my life so far, Joseph. You have so much to look forward to."

He swallowed hard, wiped his eyes, then smiled a faint smile.

This kid has a gigantic hold on this heart of mine.

A quick panic fell over me: "Am I doing something wrong for him not to grow up?? Don't all kids want to grow up?"

Then I remembered that Joseph was JUST like me. He lives in the moment and cherishes every ounce of it. He's thankful and he's grateful. He is not big on change.

 Little does he know that this is just a brush stroke of this beautiful canvas of his life.

Joseph told me in the car that he really wanted to have a little brother. A baby brother.

I told him that if he really had that desire, the best thing to do was pray about it. I was honest, and told him that Mommy probably could not have more children. He said: "Unless God puts one in your stomach, Mom. God can do that, you know."

He grabbed my hand and prayed the sweetest prayer. We both agreed that this prayer would be just between the two of us.

Joseph tells me at least twice a day that he loves me and he thanks me for being his mommy.  It always takes me by surprise. I often wonder why he feels like he needs to tell me so much. Whatever the case, it always
makes my day.

This Summer, it really, really hit me how fleeting this time is with him. It hit me hard. I never want to look back and regret missing these little moments with him. The little moments are the best. The moments when he has my full attention. The moment when he KNOWS I hear him and am intently listening to that sweet heart of his spilling out to me.

He and I had the pleasure of serving together in a community this Summer that is less fortunate. Several of his friends, we soon discovered, live there. We have become close with a few of the children there, and Joseph has been a huge part of that. One of the little boys told me today that he wishes Joseph was his brother. Melt my heart.

He prays for these children every single night. Yes, every single night. Unprompted. He just knows. He gets it. He understands.

I love you, Joseph Lemuel Hill! I hope this post is up to par! You have been very patient with always! :-)
Here are some things that you did this year for the VERY first time:

  • football--and you loved it!
  • serving others in a local community
  • finished 5th grade
  • canoed with the family
  • got an xbox 360
  • saw your first broadway play "Annie"!
  • went to your first Falcons game
  • placed 4th in Morgan county spelling bee!
  • you won the young authors award 
  • wrote your first book and gave it to family for Christmas--"The Escape"
  • tried crab legs at Crab Trap and liked it
  • caught your first fish with Daddy
  • roller skated for the first time at Anna-Joy's birthday party

Joseph's Life Verse:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6

Here are some pictures of Joseph over the past year:

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