Wednesday, July 11, 2012

God, Kids, Summer and Me.....

My children are at a little Summer camp this week. Joseph is doing a basketball clinic and Presley is doing a little cooking clinic at a local church. I miss them terribly. It is just a little day camp, but my heart cannot stand being away from them.

We also have VBS this week at our church. Since coming on staff at ECC, I am helping to plan and organize the VBS. It has been fun, but also tiring.

Very late nights. We get home about 9:45 each night, and my little self heads straight for the bed.

Long days, long nights this week.

But fun.

I have met some incredible little children this week. Oh my goodness, some of them I just want to scoop up and carry home with me. Our little group has several children from a local trailer park that is brought by bus over to the church.

My heart melts for these children. They are so eager to learn, and so excited to be there.

The Lord just keeps putting these kids into my path, it just literally breaks me sometimes. I have always felt called more to women's ministry, but it seems that children's ministry is inevitable for me at this season of my life.

When the church asked me to come on staff in the children's ministry, I was a little puzzled with the Lord. "What? Children?"

Don't get me wrong, I love children. I really do! I have just always felt more of a tug towards women's ministry.

I guess the Lord has other plans for now.

This Summer has literally changed me. So many children, with so many needs, with so many hurts, with so many needs. My heart bleeds for them.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed that I just cannot even fathom the needs of these children. Then I look to the Lord and trust in Him, knowing that He is in control. He sees the needs. He hears the cries. His will, will be done.

I have to trust in that. I just have to.

Last night, I was tucking Presley into bed and I asked her what her favorite thing was about the day camp this week. She said, "When I go to lunch and Joseph is already in there and has saved me a seat."

Oh my goodness. Heart melting.

Why the Lord has blessed me with the most precious children, I will never ever know.

I am just grateful. Overflowing with thankfulness.

bleeding heart,


Our VBS Small Group <3

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