Monday, June 25, 2012

Day One of Forty....

Today starts my 40 day prayer challenge. Yes, 40 days.

I was walking with my friend, Mary,  and I told her this weekend that I felt the Lord laid on my heart this 40 days of prayer challenge. I told her that He wanted me to share it on SHINE, so that we could do it as a group.

She looked at me and said, "How about 21 days?"


I said, "Nope, I'm seeing 40."

I've had a lot of conversation with God today. Mostly me talking today, but that's okay, I am still listening and seeing Him all over the place right now.

It's so funny, because this time last week I was in a dry spell. Thirsty and dehydrated from lack of nourishment.

Not that He wasn't always there, I was just too busy to stop and soak Him up.

Oh, how prayer changes things.

It brings His peace, His perspective, His will, and His desires.

Oh, yes, it's crazy good stuff.

He amazes me.

Prayer is so simple, yet so profound.

Prayer gives us power.

God's power.

I imagine that when my heart and my hands are raised in prayer, God touches my fingertips and pours His power and His will inside of my fingertips and it anoints my whole body. Kind of like a jolt of electricity.

Then I imagine the electricity spreading to all around me, and all who touch me. Ah!!

Imagine when all of us have hands raised in prayer! Electrical storm!

I challenge you today, to begin a praying life with me.

Not just having a prayer time, but truly living a praying life.

Checking the mail, folding clothes, snuggling with your little babes, baking it all while talking to Jesus.

He longs to communicate with you!

Prayer changes things. Period.

hello day one,


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