Saturday, January 15, 2011

Much ado about nothing....

 Lem is showing off his new hat...
I am showing off my new blush..and the fact that i can finally wear the color CREAM! Never could pull that off with blonde hair! =)

heading out to breakfast this morning

My love and I are in St. Simon's together...alone! It feels so weird being here without my babies, but we are having so much fun. We both needed this time together. I love every minute spent with him. He makes my heart so happy and full! It is strange having nothing to do and nowhere to go. I like it. Hence, the title of this post. :)

Oh, I have so much on my heart that I want to share, but I just don't know where to start. Maybe tonight when he is engrossed in the big Falcon's game, I can log on and type away. I love sharing my heart with him, but sometimes I just have to put a muzzle on it. Ya know what I mean? Not that he would ever say so, but I know he just kind of likes to keep it simple sometimes. He is a man after all. :) I have learned when to "drop" something, even when I want to plead my case with him about it. Getting older has helped me to learn this, albeit the hard way. :)

I can't help but think that this year is going to bring on big changes. God is leading us, and I am trying so hard to be obedient in every area so that I won't miss the boat. There have been so many times I have slipped away from God and then felt like i really missed out on "something". For the last month or so, God has really been giving Jill Hill a little spiritual transformation. I gently feel him tugging at my heart in areas that I am being  disobedient. As He does this, I am keeping my eyes and ears wide open to not miss an opportunity to obey Him.

Okay, well my sweetie and I are about to go for a long walk on the island. I could use some's been a while.

still much-ado'ing-about-nothing,

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Kimberlee Blazina said...

Love this update. I feel GOD doing many things in my life... more recently also. Such a wonderful feeling. We must do lunch soon. Hugs to you sweet Jill!