Friday, October 15, 2010

The Wild, Wild West Part Two......

a female moose!

thank goodness this grizzly is stuffed! wow!

elk antlers make pretty picture

a close encounter with this bear..

the Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole

the most beautiful sunsets out West

peek-a-boo we see you, mr. bear

hiking on a five mile trail!

posing as we take a break from hiking

lem made me do this..

presley napping after our hike!

so glad someone offered to take this pic of all of us..

this elk was right in the middle of the road

yellowstone~this place was unbelievable

a the parking lot!

one of my faves...the kids waiting for old faithful to erupt~

me and this girl

another bear!

my little country girl

can you believe this sunset?

Our hotel in Yellowstone..The Old Faithful Snow Lodge

Yellowstone was like no other place I have ever seen before. We stayed at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge.  I highly recommend this place to stay if you plan to visit Yellowstone. It is right across from the Old Faithful Inn.

Of course, when we visited it wasn't covered in snow like this picture, but it was still very beautiful. I hope to go one day when there is snow covering Yellowstone!  I bet that would be quite a site!

Hope you enjoy the pics..we have so many more. I will try and post more soon.....

Again, if you haven't been out West to see these places, you MUST put this on your bucket list. Fun for the whole entire family!


Anonymous said...

Looking at your pictures takes me back when we were there. The pic taken of the babies surrounded by the elk horns, we also have a pic, but with snow. Feels like I really was there with you. Jilly, you painted a vivid picture with your camera and your words. LOVE OUR 4 HILLs, glad you are back.

Sweet Inlow's said...

We are so jealous! We've talked about heading West and we definitely plan on it when our kiddos are older.