Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sprinkles of fun....

Joseph getting ready to roll out some dough!

taking it seriously...

smiles and cookies...the best kind of fun!

helping Joseph with the cookie cutter...

even Dad joined in on the fun!

rolling it up!

time for the oven!

TAH DAH!!! The cookies are ready!!

a little creativity with the cookies..the kids initials :)

2009 P for Presley and J for Joseph!

We had so much fun baking Halloween cookies. This was our first year baking Halloween cookies together. I usually do it alone, to surprise the kids when they get home from school. However, I thought it was time to let them help. They were so excited.

After church on Sunday, we told them to go to their rooms and wait until we called them out to the kitchen. Lem and I put out all of the ingredients on the table and set the scene. Once finished, we called the kids in the kitchen, and all that was heard was "Woohooooo!!". You would have thought they won the lottery! I love when they are thrilled over the little things.

Much fun was had, and many sprinkles sprinkled. The cookies are long gone, but the memories remain.

still sweeping sprinkles,


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Rebekah Hudgins said...

My next mission will have to be holiday cookies! I love that you do this faithfully with your little ones.

You're an awesome mom and such a sweet friend. I love you! (((((HUGS))))))