Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Memories...

2005...My little blue-eyed Bunny...10 months old..

MawMaw/The Wicked Witch with the sweet little bunny

2005...Pumpkin Babies....
Perhaps, my favorite...
Okay, now I am getting teary-eyed..where does the time go??
Halloween at The Hill's...2005 (our house in Olde Town Conyers) Jenny, Mary, Danielle, Me and baby Tyler!
2005..Joseph the Power Ranger and Presley the pink bunny (me Momma Bunny)
Presley and Daddy 2005
2005...Lem (blue eyes) an his baby girl, Presley Jane
2005...Pumpkin Patch!!
Graham! 2006
My Princess Presley..2006
Batman a/k/a Joseph 2006
LOVE my babies!
2006...Joseph patting his little sister's heart melts
2007...The Hill's pose for their Halloween portrait...BOOO!
Presley, Cali Rose, and Anna-Joy the prettiest Halloween girlies!
The whole gang...pretty scary bunch!
Lem, you take by breath away...literally!
Don't eat that apple, Snow White! (Presley & Me)
2008..Trick or Treating in Olde Town Conyers...
My beautiful bumble bee niece, Ashley
Joseph, Presley, and my nephew Graham pose for the camera
Super Girl and Indian Jones walking off into the sunset...
Joseph giving his best Indiana Jones/Elvis pose...Presley smiling

So, you all know that I love Halloween! I had to post some of my favorite memories..Enjoy!!


Happy Halloweening,



Mary said...

Happy Favorite Holiday!!!
We missed being with y'all this year!!! Halloween just ain't Halloween without your festive cheer.
Loved all the pics (Pumpkin Patch 2005 was my favorite!!)

Rebekah Hudgins said...

OMGosh, I love it!!!! You guys have such a beautiful family. The perfect accompaniment to a fun holiday!

Love you so!