Thursday, October 22, 2009

Seasons Change....

God really does have a sense of humor. I have heard it said at least a million times, but now, I KNOW it's true. A while back I blogged about both of my children being in school full time, and how I felt this longing to do "something" outside of the home. Now, don't get me wrong, I would be a homemaker until kingdom come, if that's what I could do. However, with finances being a little shaky, I felt the need to contribute financially in some way.

I explained in that blog that I had always wanted to be involved in hair and makeup or any thing of that nature. School is out of the question, because of the cost that it would entail. So, I prayed, and I waited, and I waited. Just as I was in the process of filling out forms to be a substitute at the children's schools, something fell into my lap.

My hairdresser for many, many years called my sister about starting a business with her. She thought it would be a great idea to offer hair and makeup services for brides. The catch being, that we would come to them. Brilliant!! Angela passed the idea along to me, and of course, I was thrilled at the prospect! Hair, make-up, and weddings??? A dream job!

After several belly laughs, and silly name ideas later, we came up with the name Three Blondes & a Wand. Fitting, considering we are all bleached blondes. My very good friend Courtney came up with the cutest logo for our cards, and we were set!

One day after deciding this would be a fun adventure, we got our first booking for a wedding. What?? Wow!! Talk about gettin' the ball rolling!

This past Sunday was our first wedding, consisting of a bride and 4 brides maids. We had so much fun. As Angela perfected their make-up, Joyce was working her magic on their hair. Me, being the "assistant", ran my legs off running errands for the bride and her maid of honor. We all worked so well together. It was like we had been doing this for years.

God is so good. He never fails to give me the desires of my heart. The desires that He places within my heart. To top it all off, I am now working 2 days a week at my Dad's heating and air conditioning business. I needed some extra money, and he needed some help...perfect. I love helping out his business. It feels like home to me. Not to mention, the cherry on top is that I get to see my Mom and Dad more often and I am loving every minute of it.

There I was two months ago, in my mode of lamenting about what God had in store for me. Daily, I was asking "am i good at there anything out there for me??" Then out of the clear blue sky, the Lord all but threw 2 jobs in my lap. I love YOU. I bet you must have been smiling Your big, knowing smile all the while I was feeling lonesome and sorry for myself.

I asked and I received. More than I bargained for at that. Thank you, Lord. You never cease to amaze me with your love for me. Your timing is impeccable, as always.

grateful for this new season,



Sweet Inlow's said...

Love this entry and how the Lord so met you where you were at! How cool is He?! Love ya.

Greer Dierkes said...

I was just smiling as I read your post...isn't God good??? He knows exactly what fits us best...and it looks like you are doing something that is perfect for you! Congrats!!!

Mary said...

I'm so happy for you guys, literally a dream job for you and Ang.
Not to mention working at your old stomping ground - the Allgood family business. You belong there!!
Thanking God for answered prayers.

Tracey said...

I love hearing stories like this where God meets your needs!!! Kudos to you for being so patient and faithful!!! God indeed is so good!!!