Thursday, August 6, 2009

Eight is Great....

~Your birthday party at Pump it Up...from left..Tom, Presley, William, John, Anna-Joy, Jane and Danny. You are the handsome little man in the back! :)
~My little beach hunk
~Watch out, here he comes!
~Cutie pie!
~Enjoying your friends and family at Pump it Up
~You and Royce at Pump it Up

Happy Birthday Joseph Lemuel Hill! Here are some things that you did this year as a 7 year old...

~played soccer for Fall and Spring LOVE soccer!

~ride your bike very well through the neighborhood

~made some new friends in the neighborhood..Tristin and Skylar

~started and finished 2nd grade...Mrs. Chapman was your teacher

~you won a reading contest at school and they awarded you a bike! your picture was in the newspaper

~your picture was also in the newspaper for dressing up as Tony Hawk at are getting pretty famous!

~you had your first friend from school spend the night at your house...Alex

~you went took your first plane ride this Summer

~you went out of the country on your first plane ride to Italy!

~you drank red wine and didn't like it

~you climbed to the top of the leaning tower of Pisa.

~you took your first taxi Italy.

~you lost more teeth.

~you had your first cavity this year (2 actually)

~you went camping for the first the back yard!

~your favorite thing right now is Transformers (again) and Bionicles

~you got a WII for your birthday!

~you finally got to have a birthday party at Pump it have been asking for years!

~you love to tell have a very keen sense of humor

~you have discovered that you enjoy dancing...and you are good at it!

~your birthday was on the first day of school this year...again. :)

~Most asked Jesus to live in your heart last November. You said that you feel so safe since you asked Him to live in your heart forever.

~After that you wrote to Santa and the only thing you asked for was to be baptized. Your wish was fulfilled Sunday March 29th by Pastor Scott Moore at Eastridge Community Church.

I can't wait to see what this year holds for you! Eight is GREAT!!

Joseph, you are the best son that a Mother could ask for. I love every inch of you. You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me the happiest Mommy in the world. My favorite thing in the world is being with you, Presley and Daddy. Thank you for being so obedient to your parents. God has put a heart of pure gold inside of you, and I am so thankful.

you have my heart in your little hands,



Anonymous said...

Only a mommy could have such insight and memory for a year full the details of a child's life. Jill it is good you are writing it down, I regret that I didn't journal on you & Ang. I should have made time. Thank you for being thoughtful, kind, funny, talented, loving and most of all a God filled women who seeks the best advice from the Lord.

Angela said...

He is such a precious child! It's exciting to see what plans God has in store for him seeing as he is so faithful at such an early age. Could there be a sweeter child? He not only has your heart...he has a big chunk of Aunt Angie's too!

ps. You accidentally left Royce's name out of the first group picture, leaving those who don't know Royce or Joseph to wonder which kid in the back is Joseph :)

Mary said...

You're such a good Momma, Jill! Love that you logged all of Joseph's 7 year old achivements. He's an extraordinary child that we simply adore.
Much love, Joseph and here's to EIGHT!!
xoxo =D

Tracey said...

I don't think little boys get any better than Joseph! He has the sweetest little spirit! I love him! Happy Belated Birthday from the Greene's!!