Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pocket full of Sunshine....

You are looking at my side-kick, my best friend, my angel and my daughter. She is the sunshine in our family. Since Presley arrived that cold December day in 2004, our hearts will never be the same.

I just adore this child, and you will usually find her on my hip. Not just when she is tired or sleepy, but even just doing the dishes, checking the mail, going for walks in the neighborhood....yep, she's right there. She's perched on the side of my body, just like a little monkey on a tree. To tell you the truth, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Presley is a talker, which comes to no surprise to most of you. She can talk with the best of them. Not only does she like to gab, but she loves asking questions. When answering her questions, she expects the right answer, and will not quit until the question is answered precisely the way she wants it to be answered. My brain hurts some days....sometimes, I just want to be void of thoughts, conversations, rationalizations.....I just want to be blank. Not a possibility with Presley around. There is no such thing as "neutral" with her. It's 4-wheel drive or nothing!

I really do feel like God has blessed me beyond my deserving. I often wonder if maybe He has me mixed up with some other Jill?? I won't tell Him if you won't!

My life is full, and my heart is literally overflowing with gratitude. God is beyond good. He is immeasurable. He loves me even when I don't see how that he possibly could at times. Much like the way we love our children, I suppose. But, on a much grander impossible as that seems.

Back to Presley Jane....I just wanted to shed a little light on this little girl of mine. She will be going to 4 year old pre-k in the Fall. My heart is heavy with this. I don't want to let go. When your children start school, the "flying by" part of life starts. Hang on to every second with those little babies that some of you are rocking right now. The days seem long, but I promise you that it will feel like the blink of an eye and they will have their book bags on and they will be getting out of your car for school.

I have "letting go" issues, I know this.

enjoying every second,



Mary said...

I love this!!! To be loved and to love this way is to feel every single sting of the growing pains.
You are an incredibly good Mother, ever calm and patient and I'm honored to watch and see how you lavish this great love on your kids.
Thank you for the-way-beyond-fine example you've blessed us with.
Loving your sunshine!!! :)

Rebekah Hudgins said...

I was so glad to get to know your 'pocket full of sunshine' even better this past weekend.
Presley Jane is such a sweet little lady and beautiful, too, my goodness!

Her voice makes me melt, as does her brothers. She is one more Hill in a very long line, that I am a big fan of!

I hope that you are able to relish your time with her this Spring and Summer. May it drag by, Mommy! :)

Big Hugs,