Saturday, March 6, 2010

Teddy Graham....

~playing a little chess together...or acting like it anyway.
~silly, silly in the bathtub

~presley with a bubble beard...Graham had one, but it fell off before i could grab my camera..

~i checked joseph out of school to enjoy this beautiful day...(i am not one for rules) :)

~cousins are the best!

~teddy graham, graham cracker, grahamy-poo (my personal fave) this kid!

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of keeping 4 year old nephew. (Jason and Andrea's son). I decided to keep Presley home from school to play with Graham. She was thrilled, of course. On the other hand, poor Joseph was reminded daily by Presley that she would not have to go to school so that she could play with Graham all day on Friday. Joseph thought I was the worst mother in the world for not letting him stay home as well. Guilt trip galore!

Try explaining this to an 8 year old..... "Pre-K is different than 3 rd is not mandatory. ". Ha! He just wasn't buying that at all. So, about noon, I decided that the day was just too beautiful to stay at school. I drove to the elementary school and checked my darling out. He was ecstatic! I went from being worst mother of the year, to the best mother of the year in an instance.
We headed straight to the park and played the day away. Many memories, and much fun later, we were pooped. Presley and Joseph both fell asleep on the way home. Wish I could have snapped that picture.

I love my little ones, every one of them. My nieces and nephews feel just like my very own, and I am so blessed to be their Aunt. If I could, I would adopt every single one of them! Love those babies!

Being an Aunt is second only to being a's heaven.

ready for the park again,

Aunt Jilly

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