Sunday, February 19, 2017

Oh, I have a blog....

Well, here we are. February 2017.

Whew. I think this blog goes back to 2008?

So, going on 10 years. Crazy.

Since I discovered Instagram, I don't post on here as often as I used to. Instagram is just so darn easy.

I can take a picture and upload it straight there. It documents our life, kind of like this blog used to do. Well, and still does at times.

But, I do miss writing. So much.

So, I will try to write more. When I can.

Joseph is in 10th grade. Gulp.

Presley is in 6th. Double gulp.

Raising teens and tweens is very different than raising littles.

It was easier when the exhaustion was physical and not mental.

My brain never turns off thinking about my kids. Their friends. Their school. Their safety. Their future. Whew.

I try to remember to turn those thoughts into prayer. I am successful sometimes. But, I need to aim for a higher success rate.

Here are some pictures I took recently...captures a little bit of our life.

Lem took Presley to breakfast for Valentine's Day

Then...he took me to dinner. Yippee!

I captured this on the way home from morning carpool.
I love how bright the sun was shining. And how the telephone pole looks like a Cross.
I was praying over a friend who's son was recently diagnosed for the second time
with leukemia. This scene was God filling my heart with HOPE.

This is our Fun Friday picture. They don't like pictures anymore so
I have to put inanimate objects in front of them instead.
Insert a big parental eye roll.

I captured this today. Sunday after church at Scoops.
More ice cream, yes.

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