Friday, February 20, 2015

Forty is the new....Forty

So, this is the year I turned 40. I know, you are shocked, right?! ;)

My friends hosted a wonderful dinner for me at Cafe Milano a week before my birthday. I was a teary-eyed mess. I blame it on 40 year old hormones.

I tried to tell each of them how much they meant to me and how precious their friendships are to my heart. I blubbered my way through it as best as I could.

Little did I know, that the following weekend, I would walk into my friend, Kim's house, and find ALL OF MY FRIENDS and their SPOUSES singing happy birthday to me!


It was a HUGE SURPRISE. I still cannot believe that I had NO idea about this party. None.

The funny thing is, I was having a very emotional week. Shocker, right? I even texted Lem that week and told him that I felt like I had no friends and that nobody liked me. You know, typical mid-month hormonal crap.

I do have the greatest friends. And when I feel lonely again, I will remember my birthday week and how much love I felt surrounded by precious people.

40 is weird. It just feels weird to say. I don't feel 40. I guess none of us ever do.

However, there is so much good at this age. I feel comfortable in my skin. Like never before.

My marriage is stronger than ever.

My kids are such a blast at the ages they are!

Things that used to bother me, do not bother me.

I have a lot more grace than I did in my early thirties.

I have realized that life does not revolve around me and the way I perceive things.

I let things go.

My relationship with Christ is stronger than ever.

I don't feel the need to strive. To be liked. To be noticed. To be sought after. I am content.

Contentment is a gift.

I am much more thankful than I was in my thirties.

Each day is a gift. I see that now.

I have so much more grace for myself as well. I don't feel the pressure to be a certain size. I just want to feel good in my jeans.

Honestly, forty is good.

Really, really good.

Here are some pictures from my birthday. I have more to post, well, in another post. Stay tuned.

I apologize in advance for the overload of my face in EVERY picture. I wanted to capture every friend---uhhh, with me of course.

Beth and me

Mary and me

Kelli and me

Mom and me

Amberlee and me

Erin and me

Kelly and me

Lisa and me

Kim and me

Rebekah and me

Bible study girls birthday dinner!

"Mommy, make a funny face."

Presley and I enjoying milkshakes after our
manicures--on my birthday.
Manicure: Courtesy of my friend, Melissa. ;)

Presley brought me breakfast in bed. All by her precious self.
Coffee mug: courtesy of my friend Lisa. ;)

And if you are wondering what is in the bowl, 
it's Greek Yogurt. With peanut butter. And honey. And blueberries.
The girl knows her momma well. 

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