Friday, December 3, 2010

Goodbye five.....

the eve of your 6th birthday..i had to get one more picture of you as a 5 yr. old

heading to chick-fil-a for our early morning birthday breakfast!

your chicken is fitting!

your donut wanted this after i had already made you 3 dozen strawberry cookies for your class..

showing off your cake to your class

your favorite classroom friends

mommy gives a good pedicure!

showing off a bit....

mommy gives a pretty good manicure too!

this was from mommy and are all about crafts!

you wanted to make your room more "fancy" mawmaw and pawpaw gave you this fancy rug

pawpaw's girl

...and she is out....7:30 pm. sweet dreams, princess~

Happy Birthday, princess....we love you so much.

still trying to figure out a way to  freeze time,


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