Friday, September 18, 2009

Did he really say that?....

~Posing for the first day of school pics~
~First day of 4 yr. old Pre-K..the teacher took the picture...sorry for the blur!~
~My third grader and Pre-K-er...ready for the first day of school..August 5th, 2009~
~Birthday Party at Momma Jane's after school~

Kids say the darndest things. They really do. Mom and I were having a nice quaint lunch with my 2 loves, Joseph and Presley not too long ago. Joseph and I are sitting in the booth seat together across from Mom and Presley. The conversation turned to growing old, looking old, something of that sort. Joseph proceeds to ask me how old I am.

Me: Mommy is 34, darling.

Joseph: Oh, okay. Well, you look younger than that. (a big smile overtakes his little face, as if knowing that what he said was indeed a compliment).

Me: I love you, thank you! That makes Mommy happy that you think I look younger than my age.
( i sit up a little straighter and suck in a little tighter, proud that my boy thinks such a thing.)

As I am relishing in this compliment and dreamily thinking of possible ages that I may look to him.. 25, 26, 27 at the most? Joseph, the sweet soul that he is, scooches his little self to the very end of the long booth. He squints his eyes in such a way that he can barely see. After about 45 seconds of this, he says...

" You really look young from WAY over here, Mommy. "

He then scoots up close to me and opens his wide, knowing eyes, as if catching every detail of my face and says..

"When I get this close, you really, really look your age, though. From far away, you can't see these spots and lines. "
(as he is pointing, yes pointing them out on my thirty-four year old face.)

My Mom and I die laughing, and then Mom quickly covers her face and says..

"I don't want to know how old you think I look, so please don't tell!!"

You just can't make this kind of stuff up. Pure innocence. Honest, brutally honest, but innocent and endearing none the least.

proud of every last spot and wrinkle..i earned them well,



Laurie from GA said...

You just never know what they are gonna say. I have a post I'm about to write referencing me being a "plain old lady." Notice the quotation marks! :-) Hope you are well!


Tracey said...

I think you look fabulous darling!!!!

Mary said...

Precious little thing!! I love your little man (even if he does need to polish up a bit on his H.K. skills.) ;)

Rebekah Hudgins said...

I love that little boy- so sweet! So honest!!!! :)