Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Here we go....again.....

I sat in the yellow lighted room. Again, I waited.

She took her test, and I sat with anxious thoughts.

What if she fails? 

What if she is not ready?

What if I am not ready?
I prayed silently.

A few minutes later, she emerged.

Big smile on her lips...

"I passed, momma!"

Presley received her learners permit to drive.

I was LITERALLY just here with Joseph. 3 years ago, I sat in this same seat.

Now, baby sister gets a turn.

And, momma's heart prepares.

High school, college, driving...

How do people do it without Jesus?

I will never know.

Please pray for patience as we teach this child how to drive. She is a *little* more stubborn than her big brother. [wink wink]

And, her best friend, who happens to share her birthday, passes too!

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