Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A view from above.....

These are all pictures from the Helicopter ride over Las Vegas, The Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon....

~The Vegas strip..~
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~The Hoover Dam...~
~The Magnificent Grand Canyon~
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Viva Las Vegas......

Viva Las Vegas!

~This is the Venetian hotel....modeled after the city of Venice....absolutely stunning~

~Our Vegas companions...Bart and Molly Roberts...this was their very first limo ride!~

~Lem and Me in the limo taking us to the helicopter ride~

~Our hotel room and us...~

~Our hotel...Paris~

~A stunning Eiffel Tower sits in front of the hotel..~

~Another view of our hotel..~

~This was at the airport in Vegas..~

~Out for a night on the town...~

~Being goofy and snapping pics of ourselves..~

~My handsome mate...~

~My dorky pose in front of our window..~

This past weekend, Lem swept me away on a trip to none other than.... Las Vegas!! He has always wanted to take me there, so this was extremely exciting for the both of us. We stayed at the Paris, which was quite stunning. The inside of the hotel was truly indescribable. Walking in the hotel, it seemed like I was walking onto a movie set. Not a detail was amiss with the architecture of this great hotel.

The sights were really something. Vegas is certainly not for the faint of heart. Whew. I just could not believe that this city was real. Anything goes in this town. And I do mean ANY thing.

By far the most memorable part of the trip was the helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon. Before I elaborate, I must tell you the story.

Lem calls me on my cell phone about 4 days before our trip and the converstaion went something like this..

Lem: Hey, baby! You are never going to believe what I have planned for us in Vegas this weekend.

Jill: (grinning from ear to ear) What is it, darling?? A cool show? A limo ride down the strip? What is it, do tell, do tell!

Lem: Well, I have booked a helicopter ride for us for Saturday afternoon. We will fly out of Vegas and fly over the Hoover Dam and into the Grand Canyon for a champagne lunch. It will be so romantic and a once in a lifetime scene.

Jill: (Click)

Click..meaning I hung up on him. Literally.

He knows I hate to fly, he knows that I hate heights, and he knows I am claustrophobic. What is he thinking????

I was so upset. Probably more upset at myself for not being excited, but either way, I was dreading this trip at this point. All I could think about was the helicopter ride and a crash landing into the Grand Canyon.

Needless to say, I sucked it up and obliged my sweet husband. Shaky legs, sweaty palms, and a nauseous stomach, I boarded that 6 seater helicopter. I swallowed my fear, and bit the bullet. After a 1o minute prayer and talk with God on the helicopter, I was loving it!! The view was breathtaking, and I couldn't take enough pictures!!

Thank you , Lem for making me come out of my fears and living life to the fullest. You are so good for me. Your passion and zeal for traveling and adventure is infectious. (most of the time)

I will post the rest of our pictures in the next post. So many pictures, so little time.

still jet-lagged,


Sunday, January 18, 2009

An Eve to remember....

~Mama Jane's always perfect Christmas setting~ ~Presley received her first American Girl Doll from Mommy Jane...and named her "Suzie"~

~The whole Hill clan...~

~Best Cousins...Presley and Graham~

~Papa Danny likes to play Santa..~

~A little Christmas lovin'~

~Ashley and Presley play with Nana Terri~

~Joseph plants a kiss on Ashley~
Christmas Eve is always special. Each year it begins with lunch at Nana and Papa's house. We exchange gifts and have a grand time. After a couple of hours, Papa hints that it is time for a nap, so we all say our goodbyes and leave. We then head home for a little rest. Once rested, we trek back to Conyers for the Christmas Eve service at First Baptist Conyers. This is one of our most cherished traditions. Communion is served, and it is always funny because invariably one of the Hill children spills the purple grape juice on themselves or someone close by. Never fails.

After singing "Happy Birthday Jesus" we head to Mama Jane's house. Sushi dinner is waiting for us every year on her ornately decorated table. She never misses a beat with her perfectly placed linens and Christmas china. I know you are all thinking, "sushi???" Well, it has come to be a much anticipated meal, due to the over indulgence of turkey, ham, and casserole dishes we have eaten since Thanksgiving.

After our meal, chaos ensues. Wrapping paper flying everywhere, children screaming with delight at the gifts and toys. Ahhhhh, it's Christmas!!!!

The end of the evening finds us loading our car to capacity with toys and gifts and putting sleepy, yet anxious little children in the car to go home. One last drive by the Christmas lights in Olde Town and then home is our final destination.

Once home, the reindeer food is sprinkled outside on the grass, and the cookies and milk are set out for Santa. The children say their prayers and get in their warm beds. All is calm, and all is bright.
Christmas Eve is and always will be magical.

still humming Silent Night,


Monday, January 12, 2009

Impossible Me.....

This post was written on Monday, (today is Wednesday) and I decided not to post it publicly. ...until now. I re-read it after I finished writing it, and thought's a little too much vulnerability going on here. Yikes..a bit scary. Well, then today, or actually tonight at the church that we have been visiting, the preacher touched a nerve in my soul. Something to do with stepping outside of yourself and living by faith. How many times have I chickened out of doing something that I am sure the Holy Spirit was prompting me to do, and I choked? More times than I can even recall.

With this said, this post is really nothing special, just a little piece of my heart that needed some air. Needed some sunlight, so to speak. Even if this is just for my own healing and my own progression, it's out here. These last couple of months have been a doozie to say the least...nothing catastrophic by any means, but just feelings of failure, and just not feeling like I measure up by any sense of the words. No need to worry though, God is showing me, no, more like flooding me with His presence and His love right now. He knows just what I need, and I am trusting Him.

Monday's post:

So, here i go. Sitting at my desk, sipping chai tea from my big handsome anthropology mug (thanks to beka!), and trying my hardest to get focused. Since New Years Day i have had big plans of getting organized, being on time, scheduling and managing my time better, and many many more impossible resolutions. Impossible, at least for me to accomplish in 2 weeks. UGGHHHH!! I want to scream every time I get something wrong. What is the matter with me???

Not a day goes by that I don't wonder..does this get easier?? Sure, some days are better than others, but for the most part, I just feel worn out, worn down and haggard. Try as I do, to not seem that way, the act of "trying" to put my best foot forward exasperates me even more! I'm sure I am not fooling anyone.

Pity Party, Pity Party..i know, i know. Well, today I am changing my attitude! And no, it's not another resolution...more like a resolve to not let myself get so down on me anymore. (did that make sense?)

Our sermon at church Sunday was on "guarding your heart". Like a ton of bricks, the lesson for me, came tumbling down on my head today. Here's what I discovered about my heart that needs some serious guarding NFL defensive linebacker guarding....

Guarding my heart against thoughts of discouragement

Guarding my heart and refusing to believe that I need to be a certain size, a certain hair color, have the perfect marriage, have a house that is never messy... and on top of all of the PERFECT mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend .

Guarding my heart against feelings of low self-worth and insecurity.

Guarding my heart against having my worth tied up in how clean my house is, or how well my children are acting that day...

Guarding my heart against feeling like i never get it right.

Guarding my heart against feeling the need to be the perfect mom and the perfect wife, and feeling shattered when I don't measure up.

Who can live up to these expectations?? I will never be close to any of my own expectations of perfection, so today in the car, riding home from picking Presley up from school, I decided. I decided that none of the above matters, eternally anyway. Who will ever remember those things about me?? Won't they remember most what kind of person I was, what good that I was able to do for others while I was here on Earth?Don't I want to be remembered by my love for the Lord and living a life that pleases and honors Him? Will anyone really care if my toilets were spotless or that I had pine sol bubbles floating in them? Is that even reality?

The blame lies on no one but myself. I have at times tried to fit an impossible mold. One that doesn't exist, and never will. Trying to do too much, has sometimes just caused me to throw my hands up and not do anything at all.

God wants this body, this heart, and most of all this soul. And it's His, every ounce of it. I will continue to mess up and pursue what is not best for me from time to time. But, the difference is that from now on, I will not get mad at myself for failing again. I am going to try and laugh, and forgive myself...just as I know that God probably laughs at me (a LOT) and He always forgives me (a LOT). If I can just learn to stay out of my own way, and let Him lead. Now, there's a thought.

" For this God is our God for ever and ever; He will be our guide even to the end. " Psalm 48:14

guarding my heart,

Saturday, January 10, 2009


~Darren and Tracey~
~St. Simon's with the Greene's~

~Tracey and Darren~

One of my very best friends lost her father this Christmas. Well, actually right before Christmas. I well remember this past summer at St. Simon's with the Greene family, sitting on the back bedroom bed talking to Tracey about her father. He was sick, very sick. My heart was aching for her. I tried to give words of wisdom and advice, but had none to give. I couldn't even pretend to understand what she must have been going through. The only thing i knew was that she and her father needed prayer.

I had only met Mr. Newton a few times over the years. He was a very kind man with a sweet smile. One thing is for sure he will be missed by a family that loved him dearly.

I am grateful for the times that I did get to see Mr. Newton....he will always be treasured by the Hill family because...

~He is Tracey Newton Greene's Daddy

~He is Riley and Reagan's granddaddy

~He is Lem's best friend's father-in-law

~He loved Tracey and her family with all of his heart

In sweet remembrance of a great daddy, granddaddy, father-in-law, uncle, brother and friend.

all of our love,

Jill & Lem

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


~Joseph pictured above with the Madison Lodge who awarded him and another 2nd grader (Kat) the bikes~
~He was in shock and awe..he had NO idea he had won the sweet!!~
~Mrs. Chapman is so proud of Joseph!~

Joseph won a reading competition among the whole 2nd grade and was awarded a brand new bike!! This all happened the week before school let out for Christmas break, so I haven't had a chance to write about this wonderful event. He and a female second grader..Kat, were the special winners and we couldn't be more proud! His teacher called us the day before the winners were announced, and asked us if we could be at the school early the next morning for the announcement. They were planning on awarding the bikes during the schools morning news program. The instructions were for us to keep it a secret and surprise him. Lem and I were so excited we could hardly stand it!

The next morning, Lem, Presley and me arrived at the school bright and early to see the presentation. His face was priceless!!! They brought him down to the gym from his homeroom class as soon as his name was announced as the male winner.

We are so proud of our little reader. He absolutely LOVES to read and can't get enough of books!

Congratulations, little Prince!!

proud as a peacock,


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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Plugging away......

~the reason for my make-up obsession...Granny Allgood...she is in the center with her arm on my sister. From left to right...My mom, me, my Dad, Granny, Angela, cousin Mark, my Granny's husband at the time..Jay, Uncle Ricky, and Aunt Judy.--Look at Granny's eye shadow..that was her trademark...frosted blue eye shadow. ~

~she is wearing all MK products...this is my favorite look~

~the skin care line~
~the "can't live without" mineral foundation~

As most of you already know, i am a girl who loves makeup. Not just make-up, but skincare, hair care, just about anything that involves girly girlness. I have always been fascinated with transformation, make-overs, do-overs, whatever you want to call it. Some of you reading this have probably been a participant (willing or maybe even unwilling) in my madness. I have given countless make-overs and unsolicited make-up and hair color advice to my friends, and they somehow still love me. Perhaps, it is because my grandmother Allgood let us play with her enormous Max Factor and Cover Girl collection when we went to stay at her house. She would always let my sister and I take home one product when leaving her house. We were thrilled!! So, undoubtedly, I give all of the credit for my make-up obsession to my precious Granny Allgood.

With all of this said, I just wanted to put it out there that I have become an active Mary Kay consultant again. I hung up my Mary Kay bag about 5 years ago when I became pregnant with Presley. I just didn't have the time to continue to place and receive orders.

Recently, I attended a Mary Kay show at my neighbor's home. As I browsed through the plethora of make-up displayed so perfectly on the table, the aroma completely drew me in. I wanted to grab every piece of make-up and play with it! The very next day, I researched getting started again with selling. It was a no-brainer, really. I paid $20.00 to re-activate my status..and TAH I go.

Shamelessly using my blog as an advertising tool, please let me know if you or any friends or family members that you know may want to see a catalog. There are a few items that I now cannot live without and I will share them with you.....

-tinted moisturizer (oh my gosh...where have you been all of my life??) it also has spf of 20, so it is also good for sun protection. I use Ivory 1.

-mineral foundation...this goes over the tinted moisturizer for the perfect flawless finish..if you haven't tried mineral foundation's time. mark my will never go back to a liquid.

-any of their lip faves are cream and sugar, starry, and pink diamonds

-their eye shadows are equally as good as Mac...and that is not easy for me to say.

-and a MUST have for erasing fine lines..the TimeWise microdermabrasion's the best...and you will see immediate results.

Okay, so there's my plug. :)

Oh, and I have a very good friend who sells Mary Kay as well, Mary. She inspired me to sell my first go around. She is a loyal MK consultant and still active. :)

Check out Mary Kay's website to see their full line of products.

mad about make-up,